Kilum Landoo

Rodian Teenage Jedi


Basic Information

Sex: Male
Age: 15
Height: 1.5 meters
Weight: 50 kilograms
Alias: Korvis Saytoo
Character Points: 0
Physical Description:
Slight build, dark green, wearing a tan shirt and black pants with a tan vest with secret pockets in it. He carries a green bladed lightsaber.
Lots of teen bravado (and sometimes not bravado…), coupled with a tendency to cause trouble, results in a kid that always seems to be in the thick of things. He’s little compared to most anyone his age, including his particular race, but has a lot of confidence and a bit of swagger. Kilum rides the edge in terms of the force: he’s excitable, looking to be a hero like the Jedi he’s read about but simultaneously maintaining some level of control to curb those tendencies some. He enjoys tinkering with droids and has built an astromech droid called T1-01… with a somewhat quirky personality.
See the galaxy baby!
“If life isn’t exciting, you’re doing it wrong.”


Dexterity: 4d+2
Knowledge: 2d
Mechanical: 2d
Perception: 3d+1
Strength: 2d
Technical: 2d


Dodge (dex) 5d
Light Saber (dex) 6d+2 *used
Quick Reference: Skill = 8d, Damage = 8d+1
Melee Combat (dex) 4d+2
Melee Parry (dex) 4d+2
Scholar, Jedi Lore (kno) 6d+1
Scholar (kno) 4d
Languages (kno) 3d
Sneak (per) 4d+1 *used
Hide (per) 4d+1
Bargain (per) 4d
Search (per) 3d+1
Droid Programming (tech) 2d+1
Droid Repair (tech) 2d+1
Starship Gunnery (mech) 2d+1 *used


Control 4d+1
Sense 3d+1
Alter 4d

Force Points: 1 (-1 used to free Rathnok Nor)
Dark Side Points: 1

Lightsaber combat (c/s)
Absorb dissipate energy (c )
Receptive telepathy (s)
Control pain (c )
Accelerate healing (c )
Life Sense (s)
Life Detection (s)
Projective telepathy (s)
Sense force (s)
Resist stun (c )
Emptiness (c )
Telekinesis (a)


Blast vest, 1d6 phys/1 for energy


Lars (Gand), Jedi Master who was once Sith Lord,…
Nura, Lars’ girlfriend, Jedi… with history with Capt. Eldridge…
Olan, Light side guarding Sith Lord and apprentice in a building
Taal, Clone Trooper
Trill, friend to Rock Monster (a Lynx, one is encasing the Sith Lord and Sith Apprentice)
Lins Rhakeem (Rebel contact… remember the flight suits? Good times… yeah, good times)


12/15/2017 wounded (once)
Rathnok Nor


An orphan found and raised for several years by a Jedi, Kilum learned some of the mysteries of the Force. This Jedi, however, leaves under mysterious circumstances, leaving Kilum to fend for himself. Kilum continued his learning, reading and studying all he could at various libraries during his young teenage years. On occasion, a package will arrive with items Kilum needs, like food, clothing, money, and even transport to support Kilum’s travels. His early education in the force focused on control, something very necessary for Kilum given his personality…

Kilum Landoo

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