The Longshot Chronicles

With the Longshots crew successfully retrieving the desperately needed Kolto to heal Lars of his grave wounds and after a heroic mission to rescue ships desperately needed for the rebel cause, Christian’s crew must now look to the future.

With the fledgling rebels base compromised, the Longshots crew is asked by fleet commander Fallon to help locate and secure a new secret base for the rebels to regroup. One of Christians crew has a contact on Nar Shaddaa who might be able to aid them in their search for a new secret base.

Meanwhile, Lars and Nura are assisting the fleet commander Fallon on next steps once a base is located including gaining more supplies and equipment.

Lars is still guiding Kilum in the ways of the force but also giving him more responsibility with following the jedi path as instructed in the holocron as life lessons are the best motivator in his view.


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