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Captain's Log

So yeah. I guess we’re rebels. I know, crazy, right? And while these guys may be all noble and fighting the good fight and all, they really need to work on their compensation packages. Seriously, too many more missions like the last one and the Longshot is gonna need a complete overhaul.

But it’s not just being hooked up with the rebellion – I’m still coming to grips with the fact that the guy I’ve traveled with, fought beside, trusted like the brother I never had is somehow a Jedi. Not just a Jedi, but a Jedi-fucking-MASTER. Seriously? How the hell did I miss that?

Things have been moving so fast, that I really haven’t had time to process it all. First, I find out that my partner is secretly some kind of mystical warrior badass, and then he’s nearly killed, necessitating a snatch and grab from the Imperials of some kind of uber-bacta called “kolto”, which the other Jedi said is the only thing that can save him

- yeah, that’s right, OTHER Jedi, there’s apparently a whole fleet full of them…again, uh, yeah -

So we fly down the maw of certain death, kick its ass and get the kolto, Lars is gonna make it, and it looks like I may be patching things up with Nura. Lars said it was the will of the force, but I prefer a slightly different theory – I’m the best pilot in the galaxy and the ol’ Eldritch charm was just too much for her.

Grek has proven to be a solid fighter and a pretty passable slicer, a solid addition to the crew. I plan to make some more modifications to the Longshot’s machine shop, add some specialized supplies and get him set up in there as our resident tech-type slicer guy.

Kilum, well, Kilum pretty much just pisses me off. Lars took the kid under his wing, supposedly to make him a Jedi (yep, ANOTHER one), but the little dude is just plain dangerous. And now Lars has taught him to use the damned lightsaber – an extremely handy tool, I must admit, but still – so yeah, the kid is running around chopping shit up with that thing, and he thinks I don’t know it’s been him painting kill stickers on my ship. Although, and I’ll never admit it to him, I kinda like the Star Destroyer one.

Speaking of the Longshot, repairs are FINALLY complete, I never thought I’d get the main power back online, but I was able to modify the new couplings we snatched on the last run to fit, and like the man said, “let there be light” – she’s a pretty sight when everything works. Might even be able to squeeze a few extra gigajoules out of these puppies, and damn but we need every ounce of power we can get, now that both turbolasers are back up and running. A few more days to get everything buttoned up, and we can fly.

It’ll be good to get away from these do-gooders for a while, find some smoky bar in the fringe and grab something cold to wash the taste of all this nobility out of my mouth.

Livin' the LIFE, baby!
A teenager's guide to exploring the galaxy

First off, cruisin’ the galaxy, righting wrongs, and being with a crew of total bad asses is way more interesting that walking the mean streets of Nal Hutta, that armpit called Tatooine, or that hot, dangerous place I theoreticaly came from called Rodia. The only thing worth mentioning about Tatooine was Anakin Skywalker… whiney punk. Didn’t grow a pair until he became the Dark Lord of the Sith. Funny that I respect him more now than the tales of the Clone Wars, but I digress.

So, um, where was I? Oh yeah, cruisin’ in our mini corvette complete with turbo lasers. I know, right? Turbo lasers! And they let me use them! Me, of all the Force’s creatures, right there usin’ the big guns. Where was I going with this… oh!

Captain Eldritch is the MAN. He’s got that whole, “I’ve been around the galaxy and seen everything and can kick ass” swagger. Smooth talkin’ fella. When we enter a room, I’m saying “yeah, that’s right… I’m with him!” Hanging with him is a sure bet that I can see the galaxy from over top my mirrored shades, exuding cool.

Now, look, I like Master Lars and all, but dude, he needs to lighten up. Way too serious all the time. And sometimes that guy blows a gasket! Me, of all the Jedi in the galaxy, has to remind him how to avoid the Dark Side. If I didn’t step in, Lars would’ve offed that guy. And, I can sense through the Force how conflicted he is. In a past life, he followed the Dark Side, and every so often, he seems to slip into that mind set. I might be free wheeling, but I spent a lot of time studying how to control the Force and me. I know precisely where that line is and how not to cross it. I don’t think my cohorts recognize that. But, I gotta keep Lars at a bit of arms length. Sometimes he’s close enough to feel the second hand shame.

Grek’s cool like Eldritch. Treats me like a true equal. Heck, he even took me to a bar. How friggin’ cool is THAT! Not sure what bounty is out on him, but that’s sure to bring in excitement!

Where we goin’? No clue. But I’m sure it will be exciting. And if life ain’t exciting, then you’re doing it wrong!

Neat Link


So where are clear where we left off....

Just wanted to post this so we know where we left off based on my notes:


It's Always Something...

Lens Reekeene deftly manipulated the holographic star map, zooming in on a small binary system. She rotated the map, bringing a small gas giant into focus and then zooming in on the space station which orbited it. “Eldritch Station” she muttered with a wry smile.

“What was that, General?” The man seated across from her asked with a slight uptick of an eyebrow.

Lens chuckled “Eldritch Station” she said. “He’s got nerve, Mikka, that’s for sure. What the hell though, it was a great find. It’s as good of a name as any I suppose.”

Mikka smirked. “He’s really a lucky son of a bitch.”

Lens smiled. “He is, isn’t he? Almost as lucky as that other Corellian fellow … what was his name? The Kessel Run guy.”

“Solo”, Mikka replied.

“Yes! That’s it!” She snapped her fingers. “Now THAT’S one lucky son of a bitch. Well, the first supply transports have arrived at ‘Eldritch Station’, and repairs and upgrades are underway. In a short while, this will be an impressive base of operations, especially once we upgrade the weapons and defense systems.”

“What about the Corellian?” Mikka asked.

Lens’ smile faded a bit. “I’m going to have to send him back out there. All of them, actually.
The Imperials have apparently captured Nura, and they cannot be permitted to hold her, she knows too much. Oh, and then there’s that little matter of her being a Jedi.” She shook her head. “The entire group is dangerous. Loose cannons, for the most part. And what a rag-tag group! Smugglers, bounty hunters, scouts, tech-heads …and have you ever seen a Rodian Jedi? Much less one so young! He’s very impressionable and has apparently adopted his Captain as some kind of role-model. He’s even started walking like Eldritch, all swagger and very little brains”

Mikka laughed. “Oh come on now General, they remind me of a couple of folks we used to know.”

She laughed with him “We were much younger then, my husband. Now we’re … respectable. Leaders, even.”

Mikka nodded but his smile remained. “The Roughnecks are one of the premiere units in the Alliance, largely thanks to you. The Longshot crew are a good fit.”

She pursed her lips. “Perhaps, but I need a command crew for the Marauder, and soon. They may just fit the bill.”

He nodded “They might at that. And Eldritch wouldn’t have to leave that rattling old yacht of his behind, which is a selling point.”

Lens chuckled “Don’t let him hear you say that. But, I don’t think we’re going to need to sell them on the idea, it’s not like we’re talking about some old Mon Cal junker. I’d bet bananas to tibanna that I’m not going to have to sell it at all. They’re getting ready to lift off for Margron 2 to try to pick up Nura’s trail, I’ll think on it some more, we still have some time.”

She clicked off the holo-projector and rose from her seat. The fleet glittered among the stars outside the viewport and she absently stared out at it. “Let’s get some rest, Mikka. Something tells me things are about to get a lot more … interesting. It may be some time before we have the chance again.”

He nodded with a knowing smile “Yes, General.”

She playfully swatted at him “Save it for our quarters, Mister.”

Practice makes perfect

After meditating for a while, Kilum (ironically pronounced “kill ’em”) began lightsaber practice with the two, small, round training droids firing weak blaster blasts strong enough to sting, but not enough to harm. The blindfold tested Kilum’s ability to sense his surroundings. Jedi seem to have a certain skill that channels the Force and makes them better than normal at an otherwise mundane skill.. Anakin had piloting. If Kilum had anything, it was skill with a lightsaber. In truth, he was always good with any kind of blade, a necessity as an orphan alone on Nal Hutta. But this skill truly came into it’s own with a lightsaber and the Force… and focus.

Man, these things sting when you miss, Kilum thinks. Focus. Control. Sense the blasts before they happen.

The two droids floated around firing shots, each being deflected by Kilum’s lightsaber. One quickly swung around behind him firing. In one quick move, Kilum angled his blade behind him blocking the shot.

Well, I’ve had to do that for real in a fight. What was that Sith dude’s name anyway? Wasn’t that an abandoned station around Taris? Why was he there? Why couldn’t I bring him back to the Light?

“Ow!” Kilum shouts from the shot that hits him.

Focus, dude! Focus!

Kilum steadies himself, pushing the distraction out of his mind.

Lars would be preaching at me over this less than stellar performance. Stop that! Focus!

“Grr…” Kilum groans after another shot. “I’m so DONE with this today.”

Between Lars the born-again Jedi and these strange encounters with the Sith, it’s no wonder I can’t focus. But, hey, things are looking up! We’re going to save a damsel in distress like a true knight! Yeah, it’s, like, an old lady, but still a damsel. Might have been nice if she were a bit younger. And single. With antennae. And lush dark green skin. Just saying…

Okay. DEFINITELY need to meditate and get myself straight in the head. We might need a Code Saber and I must be ready. The guys depend on me and I’m not letting them down. No flirting with the Dark Side,… you, know, like Lars…. See? Lars did teach me something!

Log Entries

The idiosyncratic protocol droid worked solemnly on accessing the ancient computer system on board the dreadnought Shadow Hawk. As it worked, the rest of the crew pretended not to notice, all the while surreptitiously looking over its shoulder.

“Anything?” Grek asked after several moments of awkward silence, punctuated by the whirring of the droid’s servos and the rasp of the spinning access point.

“Yes, Master Grek, I have obtained access to the ship’s main computer, however there are still several section of it which are encrypted and to which I do not yet have access.”

The droid’s head tilted slightly to the side, as if in curiosity or sudden interest. “I have managed to download and reconstruct some partial fragments of the ship’s log that were deleted. Apparently each duty section’s chief kept his or her own personal log, and then the ship’s command staff kept their own separate logs. It would seem that someone or some_thing_ did not wish for these logs to be found.”

“Play the log entries.” Grek instructed the droid. It responded affirmatively and bent to its task. In a moment, a holographic projection filled the space in front of the droid.

The log showed the haggard face of what was presumably one of the ship’s medical staff. The audio and video skipped and stuttered, and it was filled with slight static, however it was viewable.

“Medical log … hell, I don’t even know the date anymore. The condition of the crew has continued to deteriorate, to the point that I can no longer keep up with the spread of the illness. Crew members have all exhibited substantially similar symptoms, with the early stages marked by vivid and disturbing dreams to increased irritability and occasional random bouts of non-responsiveness. As the condition worsens, the dreams become waking hallucinations, ranging from hearing random noises or seeing flashes of color to, as the condition becomes more advanced, full audio-visual hallucinations of people, places and things. Ultimately, as the patient’s madness deepens, follows paranoia and violence.”

The doctor wipes his hand across his face in weariness and continues:
“I have thus far been unable to determine the cause of the affliction, and at this point am not optimistic as to my chances of uncovering it before it begins to affect too many of us to continue the research. I have ruled out bacteriological or viral etiology, however the brain scans all exhibit physiological changes consistent with some sort of external stimulus. I just don’t know…I’ve never seen anything like this. Perhaps it’s related to the mishap with the ship’s drive system that occurred recently. There is an incidental correlation between the time this condition began to be reported, at least generally speaking, and when the “incident” took place in the engineering section. With the Captain apparently content to take his orders from that strange old Jedi, I have been completely cut out of the loop and can only speculate as to what happens next, but some of this may be related to the artifact we discovered…………………………………………………………………………"

The image dissolved into white noise and static and the droid turned to face the group.
“This is all I was able to reconstruct at this time, I will continue to attempt to decrypt and restore more of the log entries.”

Eldritch frowned for a moment and then schooled his expression to its usual confidence. “Well, I think we need to find whatever is running on this crate and get it shut down so we can get the hell out of here. This thing gives me the serious heebie jeebies. Let’s move people.”

The group filed out of the chamber and continued down the eerily flickering corridor.

Engineer's Log

With more effort, Grek’s droid manages to recover a log fragment from what appears to be the Chief Engineer. The hologram shimmers into being, but it is filled with static and artifact.

“…gravitational anomalies seem to be related to some sort of malfunction of the power regulators……………………………….blown plasma relays throughout the section, but the containment field seems to be holding, for now. I don’t know what this…………cloaking device………………….. I mean there’s not a lot of research out there on micro-singularities after all………………………..the Captain has assured me that it’s all within specs, but what the fuck, I don’t even have clearance to see these supposed specs!?! Typical Republic bureaucratic bullshit……………..one of these days this thing is gonna open a hole that it can’t close and then what? Fuck all is what……”

The image derezzes into white noise.

Session Notes 01-14-2018

And the saga continues in this not so friendly place….

And then Victor came over the comms asking where we all were. He was back on the ship and we used space suits to get into this ship through the unpressurized landing bay.

The team went back to the air lock to meet Victor. And in the mean time, Victor went all McGuiver and made a home-made space suit out of bags and tape to get across from the ship to the door into the ship. After not finding a space suit on the ship handy.

And then things happened. The ship door opened, there was a mis-que and Victor did not go well towards the ship door with the air rushing out. Then the team made an attempt to catch Victor which went not as expected (okay, screwed by the wild die – nuff said). Then Grek asked the kid to try and use the force to help bring Victor in. Well, that went not quite as expected. And then there was a rope used to pull Victor in. Well , lets just say that did not go as expected either (yeah, that damn wild die). So the synth rope with the grapple (yes a Synth rope with a grapple vs the home made space suit – hold your breathe Victor) to catch Victor before he went past the Longshot towards the opening to space outside the ship in the homemade space suit… Luckily, the grapple worked and we were able to pull Victor into the ship and close the door.

After asking Victor where he was which was in the engine room but we missed him on leaving the ship.. Rumors circulated about him being asleep in a secret compartment or under the effects of some home made brewed hydraulic fluid alcohol mix. Only Victor knows the truth…..

The party went to the elevators that worked. And went down 3 levels into a hallway that was dark with flickering lights. There were a few people who were scary looking and came towards the party only to get shot dead. Including the one in the distance. These were all normal crew of the ship but sort of distorted looking.

The video log fragment was played after accessing the computer by the door in the hallway. It was the most disturbing site of people with no eyes, blood, screaming and things coming out of the guys hands. This along with various members of the party feeling very uncomfortable with being here in the ship and some wanting to leave back to the long shot and destroy the ship. While others wanted to find out what was going on and shut down the source to allow us to get out of here.

It was at this point that the party needed to continue back towards the engineering section where Kilum sensed the he needed to go in another direction that he had something he must take care of. He started walking in that direction of which Captain Eldridge and Raina would not let him go alone to where he was destine to go. The rest of the party continue towards the power source.

The portion of the party that went for the power source came to a room down a long corridor with spikes along the walls and some black fluid in the middle of the room over concentric circles moving with a control panel on the floor near by. Victor called Kilum to which he answered and light saber sounds could be heard to which he said ’ I am busy with things there ’ (click). Victor was able to get the controls to change the concentric circles from spinning to be in a fixed position. Then things got REALLY weird. Grek and Mirren saw long lost important persons to each there like alive and talking to them which completely distracted them from the room and what Victor was doing. Then when Victor was trying the controls again to try and shut down the machine then both Grek and Mirren came over to the control panel (not of their own choosing) as if to confront Victor.


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