Mirren Caldain

Lost Scout




Description: Tall and slender with straight red hair. Fair skinned and considered quite lovely, she bears a near constant frown whenever not alone. Most often found clad in her scouting armor and gear outside of her personal quarters. Usually quite still aside from carefully studying her environment near constantly.

Personality: Curt and closed off due to her past, no one gets to see the real Mirren often. Only when she is charting new courses to unknown worlds or setting down on a new planet, alone (or nearly so) does her frown get replaced with a more open and exuberant expression. She considers herself a loner and outcast just waiting to happen should she open up too much to others. So she sticks to her job and herself, the only two things she can rely on. Self-Reliant, Slow to trust.

Quote: “You are overreacting. 3 meters long is not that big. On Deneb IV they use Turbolasers to kill bugs!”

Mirren Caldain