Grek Faylin

An outlaw with a hankering to get payback for those who wronged him and his family.


Sex: Male
Age: 22
Height: 1.9 M
Weight: 75 kg

Physical Desc: Tall lanky human sort with curly black hair, wears a leather bomber jacket with lots of pockets including a build in pistol holster inside on the left side, scruffy face like bearded face kept short and trim, armored padded pants usually with high work boots.


Grek’s family and another family owned 50/50 a mining colony and had claim to a small system where he grew up and worked for his parents and the other family. The mining colony was attacked by pirates financed by a hutt who did not want to buy from my family but to own the mines directly. The attack killed his parents, the parents of the other family along with their daughter (14) but he does not know about his younger brother (16) nor the other family’s son (17) nor the 20 other workers who were at the mine processing facility when the attack occurred. Grek and Mallus were working making repairs to equipment in the nearby asteroids when the attack occurred at the mining facility. They used the ship to get away to Tatooine where they sold the ship to get money. He has worked on various freighters and done mercenary work since to make money. He does wonder about his younger brother zack but he and Mallus do stay in touch when they can as Mallus works on a freighter as a starship pilot.

Grek Faylin