Christian Eldritch

Captain of the Longshot - Scoundrel and Bullshit Artist Extrordinaire



Attractive male Caucasian human, mid-thirties, 6’2 – 220lbs, dark hair and eyes, roguish smile and a way with the women. Total con man.

Typically wears a black nerfhide flight jacket, grey metallic shirt, black pants with the Corellian blood-stripe. Knee-high reptile skin boots. Modified heavy blaster in a low-slung quickdraw style holster.



SUBJECT: Christian Eldritch – Captain, Modified Light Freighter Longshot

Subject was born into Corellian political family, orphaned at an early age when his parents were murdered while away on a diplomatic assignment. Subject subsequently fled the custody of his assigned foster home and took to the streets. He was taken in by a vicious but clever thug who realized the potential value of the child and spirited him away to Nar Shadaa.

Subject escaped again, and hid among the gutter trash who lived on the so-called “smuggler’s moon” until he learned to survive. As he matured, subject showed a surprising aptitude for “persuasion”, quickly mastering the art of the grifter and confidence man. Subject also displayed an uncanny knack for gambling, and cards in particular. In a related note, subject actually won his starship, the Longshot, in a sabacc game during the so-called “Grand Sabacc Tournament”.

When subject reached early adulthood, he signed on with a Hutt raider fleet, adapting surprisingly well to the spacer’s life and ultimately became an extremely talented pilot. Following a particularly profitable run, subject left the service of the raiders to strike out on his own. He wandered alone for some time, but later signed onto the service of the renowned smuggler and outlaw Scarlett Bloodhawk, where he travelled the galaxy, making enemies and allies alike. Following his acquisition of the Longshot subject invested considerable time and resources on major upgrades and modifications to the ship, and once again struck out on his own, pursuing fortune and glory among the stars. Subject later met, and for several years has partnered with, a mercenary named Lars Gand—————————————!#$%^&*(#$%^&(#$%^&()#$%^&*()#$%________________________


The Long Shot

Long Shot Side View

Long Shot Interior

Christian Eldritch