Whispers in the darkness

Eldritch walked the empty corridors of his ship, it was sleep cycle and the rest of the crew were in their quarters, but sleep still eluded him. He made himself a snack in the galley and padded back to his quarters. Something was strange tonight, an uneasy tension hung in the air, and Christian felt it. Suddenly, there was a very faint and raspy whisper, but he couldn’t make out what it said. More like a ragged exhale than anything intelligible, yet he felt drawn to his personal safe. He keyed in the combination and pressed his thumb to the release stud and it opened silently. Within were a few odds and ends, papers and money, and some confidential records, but that wasn’t all. It was also there.

He reached inside and wrapped his fingers around the hilt of the weapon, and it somehow felt, well different than it had before. Colder, but somehow … alive? That wasn’t exactly right, but he sensed that there was more to it than an antique Jedi’s weapon, some sort of intelligence or maybe it was awareness? He withdrew the lightsaber from the safe, closed it, and slipped it into his cargo pocket. He didn’t know why, but it suddenly seemed to him that it had become very important that he keep it with him. It might prove useful on their mission to find Nura, and even if not, he somehow couldn’t bring himself to put it down.

He was suddenly relaxed, almost at peace. He slept, but was plagued by nightmares.



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