Session Notes 01-14-2018

And the saga continues in this not so friendly place….

And then Victor came over the comms asking where we all were. He was back on the ship and we used space suits to get into this ship through the unpressurized landing bay.

The team went back to the air lock to meet Victor. And in the mean time, Victor went all McGuiver and made a home-made space suit out of bags and tape to get across from the ship to the door into the ship. After not finding a space suit on the ship handy.

And then things happened. The ship door opened, there was a mis-que and Victor did not go well towards the ship door with the air rushing out. Then the team made an attempt to catch Victor which went not as expected (okay, screwed by the wild die – nuff said). Then Grek asked the kid to try and use the force to help bring Victor in. Well, that went not quite as expected. And then there was a rope used to pull Victor in. Well , lets just say that did not go as expected either (yeah, that damn wild die). So the synth rope with the grapple (yes a Synth rope with a grapple vs the home made space suit – hold your breathe Victor) to catch Victor before he went past the Longshot towards the opening to space outside the ship in the homemade space suit… Luckily, the grapple worked and we were able to pull Victor into the ship and close the door.

After asking Victor where he was which was in the engine room but we missed him on leaving the ship.. Rumors circulated about him being asleep in a secret compartment or under the effects of some home made brewed hydraulic fluid alcohol mix. Only Victor knows the truth…..

The party went to the elevators that worked. And went down 3 levels into a hallway that was dark with flickering lights. There were a few people who were scary looking and came towards the party only to get shot dead. Including the one in the distance. These were all normal crew of the ship but sort of distorted looking.

The video log fragment was played after accessing the computer by the door in the hallway. It was the most disturbing site of people with no eyes, blood, screaming and things coming out of the guys hands. This along with various members of the party feeling very uncomfortable with being here in the ship and some wanting to leave back to the long shot and destroy the ship. While others wanted to find out what was going on and shut down the source to allow us to get out of here.

It was at this point that the party needed to continue back towards the engineering section where Kilum sensed the he needed to go in another direction that he had something he must take care of. He started walking in that direction of which Captain Eldridge and Raina would not let him go alone to where he was destine to go. The rest of the party continue towards the power source.

The portion of the party that went for the power source came to a room down a long corridor with spikes along the walls and some black fluid in the middle of the room over concentric circles moving with a control panel on the floor near by. Victor called Kilum to which he answered and light saber sounds could be heard to which he said ’ I am busy with things there ’ (click). Victor was able to get the controls to change the concentric circles from spinning to be in a fixed position. Then things got REALLY weird. Grek and Mirren saw long lost important persons to each there like alive and talking to them which completely distracted them from the room and what Victor was doing. Then when Victor was trying the controls again to try and shut down the machine then both Grek and Mirren came over to the control panel (not of their own choosing) as if to confront Victor.



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