Practice makes perfect

After meditating for a while, Kilum (ironically pronounced “kill ’em”) began lightsaber practice with the two, small, round training droids firing weak blaster blasts strong enough to sting, but not enough to harm. The blindfold tested Kilum’s ability to sense his surroundings. Jedi seem to have a certain skill that channels the Force and makes them better than normal at an otherwise mundane skill.. Anakin had piloting. If Kilum had anything, it was skill with a lightsaber. In truth, he was always good with any kind of blade, a necessity as an orphan alone on Nal Hutta. But this skill truly came into it’s own with a lightsaber and the Force… and focus.

Man, these things sting when you miss, Kilum thinks. Focus. Control. Sense the blasts before they happen.

The two droids floated around firing shots, each being deflected by Kilum’s lightsaber. One quickly swung around behind him firing. In one quick move, Kilum angled his blade behind him blocking the shot.

Well, I’ve had to do that for real in a fight. What was that Sith dude’s name anyway? Wasn’t that an abandoned station around Taris? Why was he there? Why couldn’t I bring him back to the Light?

“Ow!” Kilum shouts from the shot that hits him.

Focus, dude! Focus!

Kilum steadies himself, pushing the distraction out of his mind.

Lars would be preaching at me over this less than stellar performance. Stop that! Focus!

“Grr…” Kilum groans after another shot. “I’m so DONE with this today.”

Between Lars the born-again Jedi and these strange encounters with the Sith, it’s no wonder I can’t focus. But, hey, things are looking up! We’re going to save a damsel in distress like a true knight! Yeah, it’s, like, an old lady, but still a damsel. Might have been nice if she were a bit younger. And single. With antennae. And lush dark green skin. Just saying…

Okay. DEFINITELY need to meditate and get myself straight in the head. We might need a Code Saber and I must be ready. The guys depend on me and I’m not letting them down. No flirting with the Dark Side,… you, know, like Lars…. See? Lars did teach me something!


So, are you saying killum knew anakin skywalker?

Practice makes perfect

No… But he is a Jedi scholar who knows quite a bit about history, Clone Wars, etc.

Practice makes perfect

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