Livin' the LIFE, baby!

A teenager's guide to exploring the galaxy

First off, cruisin’ the galaxy, righting wrongs, and being with a crew of total bad asses is way more interesting that walking the mean streets of Nal Hutta, that armpit called Tatooine, or that hot, dangerous place I theoreticaly came from called Rodia. The only thing worth mentioning about Tatooine was Anakin Skywalker… whiney punk. Didn’t grow a pair until he became the Dark Lord of the Sith. Funny that I respect him more now than the tales of the Clone Wars, but I digress.

So, um, where was I? Oh yeah, cruisin’ in our mini corvette complete with turbo lasers. I know, right? Turbo lasers! And they let me use them! Me, of all the Force’s creatures, right there usin’ the big guns. Where was I going with this… oh!

Captain Eldritch is the MAN. He’s got that whole, “I’ve been around the galaxy and seen everything and can kick ass” swagger. Smooth talkin’ fella. When we enter a room, I’m saying “yeah, that’s right… I’m with him!” Hanging with him is a sure bet that I can see the galaxy from over top my mirrored shades, exuding cool.

Now, look, I like Master Lars and all, but dude, he needs to lighten up. Way too serious all the time. And sometimes that guy blows a gasket! Me, of all the Jedi in the galaxy, has to remind him how to avoid the Dark Side. If I didn’t step in, Lars would’ve offed that guy. And, I can sense through the Force how conflicted he is. In a past life, he followed the Dark Side, and every so often, he seems to slip into that mind set. I might be free wheeling, but I spent a lot of time studying how to control the Force and me. I know precisely where that line is and how not to cross it. I don’t think my cohorts recognize that. But, I gotta keep Lars at a bit of arms length. Sometimes he’s close enough to feel the second hand shame.

Grek’s cool like Eldritch. Treats me like a true equal. Heck, he even took me to a bar. How friggin’ cool is THAT! Not sure what bounty is out on him, but that’s sure to bring in excitement!

Where we goin’? No clue. But I’m sure it will be exciting. And if life ain’t exciting, then you’re doing it wrong!



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