It's Always Something...

Lens Reekeene deftly manipulated the holographic star map, zooming in on a small binary system. She rotated the map, bringing a small gas giant into focus and then zooming in on the space station which orbited it. “Eldritch Station” she muttered with a wry smile.

“What was that, General?” The man seated across from her asked with a slight uptick of an eyebrow.

Lens chuckled “Eldritch Station” she said. “He’s got nerve, Mikka, that’s for sure. What the hell though, it was a great find. It’s as good of a name as any I suppose.”

Mikka smirked. “He’s really a lucky son of a bitch.”

Lens smiled. “He is, isn’t he? Almost as lucky as that other Corellian fellow … what was his name? The Kessel Run guy.”

“Solo”, Mikka replied.

“Yes! That’s it!” She snapped her fingers. “Now THAT’S one lucky son of a bitch. Well, the first supply transports have arrived at ‘Eldritch Station’, and repairs and upgrades are underway. In a short while, this will be an impressive base of operations, especially once we upgrade the weapons and defense systems.”

“What about the Corellian?” Mikka asked.

Lens’ smile faded a bit. “I’m going to have to send him back out there. All of them, actually.
The Imperials have apparently captured Nura, and they cannot be permitted to hold her, she knows too much. Oh, and then there’s that little matter of her being a Jedi.” She shook her head. “The entire group is dangerous. Loose cannons, for the most part. And what a rag-tag group! Smugglers, bounty hunters, scouts, tech-heads …and have you ever seen a Rodian Jedi? Much less one so young! He’s very impressionable and has apparently adopted his Captain as some kind of role-model. He’s even started walking like Eldritch, all swagger and very little brains”

Mikka laughed. “Oh come on now General, they remind me of a couple of folks we used to know.”

She laughed with him “We were much younger then, my husband. Now we’re … respectable. Leaders, even.”

Mikka nodded but his smile remained. “The Roughnecks are one of the premiere units in the Alliance, largely thanks to you. The Longshot crew are a good fit.”

She pursed her lips. “Perhaps, but I need a command crew for the Marauder, and soon. They may just fit the bill.”

He nodded “They might at that. And Eldritch wouldn’t have to leave that rattling old yacht of his behind, which is a selling point.”

Lens chuckled “Don’t let him hear you say that. But, I don’t think we’re going to need to sell them on the idea, it’s not like we’re talking about some old Mon Cal junker. I’d bet bananas to tibanna that I’m not going to have to sell it at all. They’re getting ready to lift off for Margron 2 to try to pick up Nura’s trail, I’ll think on it some more, we still have some time.”

She clicked off the holo-projector and rose from her seat. The fleet glittered among the stars outside the viewport and she absently stared out at it. “Let’s get some rest, Mikka. Something tells me things are about to get a lot more … interesting. It may be some time before we have the chance again.”

He nodded with a knowing smile “Yes, General.”

She playfully swatted at him “Save it for our quarters, Mister.”


Awesome! Just a couple things. Who’s Lens Rekeene. Whose Mikka, who the hell is nura?

It's Always Something...

Lens Reekeene is the commander of Reekeene’s Roughnecks, a former mercenary group that joined the Rebel Alliance following the unlawful imprisonment of General Reekeene and her husband/chief advisor Mikka Reekeene by the Empire. They’re one of the units within the fleet that our merry band is presently a part of.

Nura is an old flame of Eldritch’s, one that he never knew was actually a jedi, until they all sort of came out of the closet a few years back. She served as a sort of fixer for Eldritch and Lars Gand (who was secretly a jedi master who survived Order 66) when they were partners. She was also secretly working with the rebels and is a major reason that Eldritch ended up working with them. She’s now in the fleet command structure.

It's Always Something...

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