Captain's Log

So yeah. I guess we’re rebels. I know, crazy, right? And while these guys may be all noble and fighting the good fight and all, they really need to work on their compensation packages. Seriously, too many more missions like the last one and the Longshot is gonna need a complete overhaul.

But it’s not just being hooked up with the rebellion – I’m still coming to grips with the fact that the guy I’ve traveled with, fought beside, trusted like the brother I never had is somehow a Jedi. Not just a Jedi, but a Jedi-fucking-MASTER. Seriously? How the hell did I miss that?

Things have been moving so fast, that I really haven’t had time to process it all. First, I find out that my partner is secretly some kind of mystical warrior badass, and then he’s nearly killed, necessitating a snatch and grab from the Imperials of some kind of uber-bacta called “kolto”, which the other Jedi said is the only thing that can save him

- yeah, that’s right, OTHER Jedi, there’s apparently a whole fleet full of them…again, uh, yeah -

So we fly down the maw of certain death, kick its ass and get the kolto, Lars is gonna make it, and it looks like I may be patching things up with Nura. Lars said it was the will of the force, but I prefer a slightly different theory – I’m the best pilot in the galaxy and the ol’ Eldritch charm was just too much for her.

Grek has proven to be a solid fighter and a pretty passable slicer, a solid addition to the crew. I plan to make some more modifications to the Longshot’s machine shop, add some specialized supplies and get him set up in there as our resident tech-type slicer guy.

Kilum, well, Kilum pretty much just pisses me off. Lars took the kid under his wing, supposedly to make him a Jedi (yep, ANOTHER one), but the little dude is just plain dangerous. And now Lars has taught him to use the damned lightsaber – an extremely handy tool, I must admit, but still – so yeah, the kid is running around chopping shit up with that thing, and he thinks I don’t know it’s been him painting kill stickers on my ship. Although, and I’ll never admit it to him, I kinda like the Star Destroyer one.

Speaking of the Longshot, repairs are FINALLY complete, I never thought I’d get the main power back online, but I was able to modify the new couplings we snatched on the last run to fit, and like the man said, “let there be light” – she’s a pretty sight when everything works. Might even be able to squeeze a few extra gigajoules out of these puppies, and damn but we need every ounce of power we can get, now that both turbolasers are back up and running. A few more days to get everything buttoned up, and we can fly.

It’ll be good to get away from these do-gooders for a while, find some smoky bar in the fringe and grab something cold to wash the taste of all this nobility out of my mouth.


“A whole fleet full of jedi?”

Captain's Log

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